Preliminary program

Wednesday 28 March 2018 [Room: Didon 3]

8:00am                 Registration

8:30am                 Opening Session 

9:00am                 “Digital Dysmorphology for Diverse Populations with Genetic Syndromes”, by Marius George Linguraru (Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, USA)

10:00am              “Advances in Biomedical Signal Analysis”, by Sri Krishnan (Ryerson University, Canada)

11:00am              Coffee Break

11:30am              Oral session 1 on Intelligent Biomedical Imaging

  • 62 “Detection and Classification of the Breast Abnormalities in Digital Mammograms via Linear Support machine” Nedra Amara (University of Tunis, Tunisia) and Muhammed Shoaib
  • 76 “An Efficient Approach to Recognize Hand Gestures Using Machine-Learning Algorithms” Md Ferdous Wahid, Reza Tafreshi (Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar), Mubarak Al-Sowaidi and Reza Langari
  • 80 “Simple Net: Convolutional Neural Network to perform Differential Diagnosis of Ampullary tumors” Jae Duk Seo, Dong Wan Seo and Javad Alirezaie (Ryerson University, Canada)
  • 82 “Automatic Segmentation of Colorectal Cancer in 3D MRI by Combining Deep Learning and 3D Level-Set Algorithm: A preliminary study” Mumtaz Hussain Soomro (University of Roma Tre, Italy), Gianluca De Cola, Silvia Conforto, Maurizio Schmid, Gaetano Giunta, Emanuele Neri, Elisa Guidi, Andrea Laghi, Damiano Caruso and Maria Ciolina

1:00pm                 Lunch

2:00pm                Oral session 2 on Smart Applications for Medical Devices

  • 38 “A morphological operation-based approach for Sub-pleural lung nodule detection from CT images” Rekka Mastouri (University of Tunis, Tunisia), Henda Neji, Saoussen Hantous-Zannad and Nawres Khlifa
  • 79 “Evaluation of DWT denoise method on X- ray images acquired using flat detector” Naouel Guezmir (University of Carthage, Tunisia), Olfa Marrakchi Charfi, Mokhtar Mars and Jerome Mbainaibeye
  • 88 “Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Mathematical Morphology” Mohamed Bouacheria (University of Blida-1, Algeria), Abdelmalek Benouadah, Yazid Cherfa, Assia Cherfa and Nourreddine Belkhamsa

3:00pm                “Multimodality molecular imaging: Paving the way for personalized medicine”, by Habib Zaidi (Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland)

4:00pm                Coffee Break

4:30pm                Oral session 3 on Image Analysis and Innovative Medical Systems

  • 39 “Design of a new feedback device for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)” Lhoucine Ben Taleb (Univ Hassan 1, Maroc), Elmaati Essoukaki, Azeddine Mouhsen, Aissam Lyazidi, Abdelhadi Assir, Mohammed Harmouchi and Mourad Rattal
  • 50 “Bioreactor for Biopharmaceutical Production Simple Controlled Environment Design” Walid Al-Zyoud (German Jordanian University, Jordan), Rayan Bater, Talal Awad, Omar Yasin and Awad Al-Zaben
  • 58 “Pixel Intensity Based Noise Reduction Method for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography Images” Neethu Sasi (ASIET, Kalady, Kerala, India), Geethu Sasi and Jayasree V. K.
  • 78 “Depth imaging system for human posture recognition” Dorra Riahi (TÉLUQ University, Canada), Wassim Bouachir, Youssef Ouakrim and Neila Mezghani
  • 85 “Time varying bio-impedance measurements and analysis using a coherent milliohmeter for biomedical applications” Adnen Rajhi (Carthage National School of Engineers, Tunisia) and Amina Kahloul
  • 94 “An Enhanced Approach for Vestibular Disorder Assessment” Amine Ben Slama (ENSIT, Tunisia), Aymen Mouelhi, Hedi Trabelsi, Mounir Sayadi and Farhat Fnaiech


Thursday 29 March 2018

8:00am                 Registration


[Room: Didon 3] Oral session 4 on Medical Physiological Signal Analysis

  • 7 “Physiological Estimation of Level of Understanding of Each Sentence in Second Language ReadingMasaki Omata (University of Yamanashi, Japan) and Shogo Tanabe
  • 27 “Dynamic identification of human trunk behavior as a diagnosis tool for pathologic problems” Ferdaous Moualla (Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie, Tunisia), Sadok Mehrez and Fehmi Najar
  • 31 “Features Extraction from Vital Signs to Characterize Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome” Aline Taoum, Marwan Sabbagh, Hassan Amoud (Lebanese University, Lebanon) and Farah Mourad-Chehade
  • 69 “Personal identification system using physiological signal” Emna Rabhi (ENIT, Tunisia) and Lachiri Zied

[Room: Salambo] Oral session 5 on NeuroEngineering

  • 13 “A Deep Learning Approach to Single-trial Classification for P300 Spellers” Nader N. Nashed (Ain Shams University, Egypt), Seif Eldawlatly and Gamal M. Aly
  • 18 “Visual Encoding in Rat Lateral Geniculate Nucleus: An Artificial Neural Network Approach” Eslam Mounir (Ain Shams University, Egypt), Bassem Abdullah, Hani M. K. Mahdi and Seif Eldawlatly
  • 53 “Zero Training Processing Technique for P300-Based Brain-Computer Interface” Ola Sarhan (Cairo University, Egypt), Ayman Eldeib and Manal Abdel Wahed
  • 84 “Optic cup and Optic Disc Analysis for Glaucoma screening using Pulsed Coupled Neural Networks and Line profile analysis” Prince Adjei (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana), Henry Nunoo-Mensah, Emmanuel Kobia-Acquah and Emmanuel Kofi Akowuah

10:00am              Coffee Break

10:30am               “Closed-loop electrophysiology: from in vitro to in vivo studies”, by Michela Chiappalone (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy)


[Room: Didon 3] Oral session 6 on Biomedical Signal Processing

  • 14 “Detection of Premature Ventricular Beats from Arterial Blood Pressure Signal” Awad Al-Zaben (Yarmouk University , Jordan), Aseel Obeidat and Malak Fora
  • 19 “Novel Flexible Implantable Electrodes Based on Conductive Polymers and Titanium Dioxide” Amani Al-Othman, Aseel Alatoom (American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates), Afifa Farooq, Mohammad Al-Sayah and Hasan Al-Nashash
  • 55 “A Computer Aided Diagnosis System for The Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Linear and Non-Linear Analysis” Rana Hossam Elden (Helwan University, Egypt), Walid Al-Atabany and Vidan Fathi Ghoneim
  • 100 “Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Identification of Functional Unknown Elements in Ribosomal RNA” Norbert Maggi and Carmelina Ruggiero (University of Genoa, Italy)

[Room: Salambo] Oral session 7 on Biomedical and Health Informatics

  • 37 “An efficient statistical methodology for peptide 3D structure clustering” Azzam Alwan (Troyes University of Technology, France), Rémi Cogranne, Pierre Beauseroy, Edith Grall-Maës, Laurent Debelle, Nicolas Belloy, Stéphanie Baud, Manuel Dauchez and Sébastien Almagro
  • 71 “Breast Cancer Diagnosis based on Joint Variable Selection and Constructive Deep Neural Network” Ryad Zemouri (Cedric/Cnam, France), Nabil Omri, Christine Devalland, Laurent Arnould, Brigitte Morello, Noureddine Zerhouni and Farhat Fnaiech
  • 73 “Overview and Definitions on Lung Cancer Diagnosis” Tasnime Hamdeni (University of Tunis, Tunisia), Jean-Marc Ginoux, Farhat Fnaiech, Soufiane Gasmi, Roomila Naeck, Moez Bouchouicha, Asma Ben Khedher Zidi and Frederick Tshibasu
  • 93 “Statistical Analysis based on Biometric Measures for Fetal Head Anomaly Characterization” Hanene Sahli (University of Tunis, Tunisia), Aymen Mouelhi, Fedia Hadada, Rathwane Rachdi, Mounir Sayadi and Farhat Fnaiech

1:00pm                 Lunch


[Room: Didon 3] Oral session 8 on Biomedical Signal Processing

  • 20 “Experimental Detection of Muscle Atrophy Initiation Using sEMG Signals” Emad Askarinejad (University of Tehran, Iran), Mohammad Ali Nazari and Sakine Ranji
  • 52 “Unsupervised Processing Methods for Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface” Ola Sarhan (Cairo University, Egypt), Ayman Eldeib and Manal Abdel Wahed
  • 86 “K-Nearest Neighbor Classification for the Differentiation between Freshly Excised and Decellularized Rat Kidneys using Envelope Statistics” Remie Nasr, Omar Falou (Lebanese University, Lebanon), Ahmad Shahin, Eno Hysi, Lauren Wirtzfeld, Elizabeth Berndl and Michael Kolios

[Room: Salambo] Oral session 9 on Biomedical and Health Informatics

  • 17 “SMD-Smart Medicine Dispenser” Wissam Antoun, Ali Abdo, Suleiman Yaman, Abdallah Kassem (Lebanese University, Lebanon), Mustapha Hamad and Chady El-Moucary
  • 23 “A 3-D Biomechanical Model for Enhancing the Performance of Artificial Hand” Reda Mohamed (Helwan University, Egypt), Basma Mohamed and Heba Afify
  • 57 “Assessment of the accuracy of Laplace’s law in predicting interface pressure generated by compression garment used for medical applications” Houda Barhoumi (University of Monastir, Tunisia), Saber Marzougui and Saber Ben Abdessalem

3:00pm                “What does it need to take to avoid developing “wrong” Medical Technology products/services?”, by Michael Friebe (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

4:00pm                Coffee Break


[Room: Didon 3] Oral session 10 on Biomedical Signal Processing

  • 47 “An Integrated Framework for Improving Patient Safety in Hospital Design” Neven Saleh (El-Shrouk Academy, Egypt)
  • 61 “Empowering Diabetes Self-management by Gamifying Intelligent System: myTrybe.Care Concept” Adam Bouras (University of Missouri, United States), Kat Usop and Mihail Popescu
  • 66 “New Adaptive Thresholding -based ECG R-peak Detection Technique” Lazhar Khriji (University of Sousse, Tunisia) and Asiya Al-Busaidi
  • 81 “Sparse Bayesian pMRI Reconstruction with Complex Bernoulli-Laplace Mixture Priors” Siwar Chaabene, Lotfi Chaari (University of Sfax, Tunisia) and Abdelaziz Kallel
  • 97 “Source localization of uterine activity using Maximum Entropy on the Mean approach” Saeed Zahran, Ahmad Diab (Lebanese University, Lebanon), Mohamad Khalil and Catherine Marque

[Room: Salambo] Oral session 11 on Medical Bio-Communication

  • 10 “Design of a Microwave biosensor using a defected CSRR for cancer cells characterization” Mohamed Amine Hamdani (University of Carthage, Tunisia), Abdelkhalek Nasri and Hassen Zairi
  • 30 “Potency evaluation of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin using Normocythemic Mice Bioassay, in Tunisia” Hazar Kraïem (Institut Pasteur Tunis, Tunisia), Wael Bellila and Balkiss Bouhaouala-Zahar
  • 32 “Multiple Antenna Techniques for Terahertz Nano-Bio Communication” Aya Abdelaziz, Ke Yang, Khalid Qaraqe (Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar), Joseph Boutros, Qammer Abbasi and Akram Alomainy
  • 59 “Estimation of Transfer function in carotid artery” Asma Ayadi (Higher Institute of Medical Technology, Tunisia), Wassila Sahtout and Balédent Olivier
  • 90 “Algorithm for Offline Recalibration of Recorded CGM Traces” Florian Reiterer (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria), Hans Philipp Zeindl and Luigi Del Re

6:00pm                Tunis City Tour

8:00pm                Gala Dinner


Friday 30 March 2018 [Room: Didon 3]

8:00am                 Registration

8:30am                 Oral session 12 on Diagnostic Aid

  • 24 “Modeling and simulation of a new artificial breathing system” Elmaati Essoukaki (Univ Hassan 1, Maroc), Lhoucine Ben Taleb, Mourad Rattal, Mohammed Harmouchi, Abdelhadi Assir, Azeddine Mouhsen and Aissam Lyazidi
  • 34 “A Hybrid Inter and Intra Subject Model for fMRI Analysis” Mohanad Albughdadi, Lotfi Chaari (University of Sfax, Tunisia) and Jean-Yves Tourneret
  • 89 “Measuring recto-anal Inhibitory reflex using functional lumen imaging probe: a pilot study” Maha Alqudah (Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan), Asbjørn Drewesb and Barry McMahon

9:30am                 “Advanced Nano-Sensors, Bio-Devices and Biomedical Systems for U-Health Care”, by Ved Ram Singh (National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India)

10:30am              Coffee Break

11:00am              “Novel assistive technologies for human senses and sensory desires”, by Christopher Druzgalski (California State University, Long Beach, USA)

12:00pm              Closing session

12:30pm              Lunch